Construction and Building

Receive valuable construction and building assistance when building your new Caltex gasoline franchise station, and enjoy the freedom of choosing your preferred retail partners to meet your site trading needs, complement the overall retail experience, or add a revenue stream.

Additionally, as you customize your station according to your business needs, receive valuable support to ensure business success, regardless of the size of your land.

Site Set-up and Design

Receive guidance from our team of highly qualified Business Consultants who are experts in the field throughout your journey towards becoming a successful Caltex gas station franchise owner.

Well-versed in both industry-specific and operational knowledge, our dedicated Business Consultants have been trained to tailor solutions to meet your unique investment needs, from setting up business plans, station design and assessing performance, to fine-tuning marketing tactics.

Moreover, our Business Consultants will also assist you in maintaining the high service levels and brand image of Caltex, ensuring that the Caltex brand is synonymous with excellence across the nation. 

Backcourt Offers with Retail Partners

Pick your favorite retailers and convenience stores from our variety of prominent brands (e.g. 7-Eleven, Jollibee and Bosch) to complement your Caltex gas station franchise and provide drivers with a holistic retail customer experience, and enjoy the benefits of an added revenue stream.

Moreover, add a Caltex Havoline®autoPro workshop to your station in the Philippines to provide drivers with easy access to world-class servicing, and grow your credibility as a preferred operator.