This prestigious award recognises our success in transforming ourselves from a geographically-focused organisation to one that operates along functional business lines, placing fast and creative problem-solving, high-tech marketing and old-fashioned elbow grease first.

With this addition, the city becomes the leading supplier of Asia’s second-fastest growing fuel.

We cater mainly to motorcycles, and at the same time, develop markets for lubricants and asphalt. Other new development areas include Laos and Cambodia.

The Chevron-Texaco merger fosters many natural synergies with Caltex, including shared standards of performance and operational excellence geared to being a consistent leader in the marketplace.

As energy demand growth strengthens, our operating and efficiency gains pay off in a significant earnings improvement. On the verge of our 70th anniversary, Caltex’s position is solid, meriting Forbes’ description of the company as “the jewel in [Chevron’s] crown.”