Clarity Machine Oil

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Clarity Machine Oil

Clarity Machine Oil is premium quality machine oil designed to meet the critical demands of circulating systems in industrial equipment especially paper machinery. 

  • High temperature stability
    Contains an effective oxidation inhibitor to protect the oil at elevated ambient operating temperatures.
  • Long lubricant life
    A well-balanced additive package and high quality base oils help minimize breakdown and maximize oil life.
  • Protection against wear
    Extreme pressure and ashless antiwear additives provide good FZG and Timken performance.
  • Clarity Machine Oils  are premium quality machine oils designed to meet the critical demands of circulating systems in industrial equipment.
  • Clarity Machine Oils are formulated with an ashless extreme pressure additive package that includes  rust, oxidation, and foam inhibitors to provide long lubricant life and minimize deposit formation. The ashless formulation facilitates reclaiming and recycling of circulating oils.
  • Clarity Machine Oils have excellent water separating ability and good wet filterability with fine porosity oil filters, as demonstrated by the Pall Filterability Test. 

The Clarity® Machine Oil series is recommended for use in circulating systems of industrial equipment as well as gear boxes, including wet-end systems, dryer bearings, and calender stacks in paper machine systems.

Clarity Machine Oils have been used successfully in the lubrication of many types of paper machine equipment, including Valmet and Beloit paper machine equipment.

In addition, Clarity Machine Oils provide good filtration performance in the Pall Filterability Test using low micron filters. 

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