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Circulating Oils

Circulating Oils

Customers in every industrial operation are working toward optimizing productivity. Operators need a lubricant they can count on day in and day out to protect their equipment until the next scheduled maintenance interval. Caltex’s advanced circulating oil range helps meet the demand of various industries including manufacturing, steel, construction, forestry and paper.

Regal R&O 32-100

Regal R&O is circulating, and turbine oil formulated to inhibit rust, oxidation and foam, resisting oil degradation at high temperatures and minimizing downtime.


Texatherm is a highly refined, thermally stable mineral oil type heat transfer fluid formulated with premium base oil technology, to provide excellent thermal and oxidation resistance during use, in both closed and open heat transfer system...

Texatherm HT 22

Texatherm HT is a thermally stable synthetic heat transfer fluid formulated to operate over a wide temperature range where it gives excellent oxidation stability and deposit free operation.

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