Chevron Euro V Industrial Diesel B5 (Marked)

Chevron Euro V Industrial Diesel B5 (Marked) contains up to 5% of biodiesel which is a renewable non-fossil fuel that can help to contribute to a cleaner & greener environment. Chevron Biodiesel blends meet Chevron’s highest standards of quality, reliability and performance, and adheres to Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) guideline.


Having similar performance as petroleum diesel, biodiesel is renewable and provides diversity of energy sources. As a green fuel, Biodiesel reduces emissions of hydrocarbon, harmful air pollutants like carbon monoxide, as well as the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.




Chevron Euro V Industrial Diesel B5 (Marked) performs just like petroleum diesel in normal diesel generators and can be used in most diesel machinery in civil and construction industries without changing any parts of existing engines.