Most new diesel engines that employed advanced exhaust aftertreatment technology have become sensitive to sulphur, which is why Caltex offers the ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel with a sulphur level as low as 10 parts per million (ppm) – the environmentally ‘green’ and clean diesel fuel.


Lower Maintenance Costs

Because of the lubricity additives found in Caltex diesel 10 ppm of sulphur, your diesel engine will remain clean and protected from wear, always performing at anoptimum level with lower maintenance costs.


The Clean Diesel

Having a lower level in sulphur like the ultra-low Caltex diesel 10 ppm sulphur will allow a better control system of emissions from on-road diesel vehicles for less harm on our environment.



Lower Emissions

Not only is the sulphur level of Caltex diesel 10 ppm sulphur so low, so are its exhaust emissions: 

         - Less sulphur dioxide emissions 

         - Less nitrogen and hydrocarbon emissions