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A better drive with Techron® D Concentrate

Techron® D Concentrate is a premium diesel fuel additive designed to deep clean the fuel system and diesel engine injectors in one tankful. It can be used with all types of diesel fuel including ultra-low sulphur diesel, biodiesel and biodiesel blends.

Techron® D Concentrate helps remove natural build-up of carbon deposits throughout the entire fuel system and internal diesel injector deposits across a range of injector technologies.

This diesel fuel additive has been tested using various industry and OEM standard tests (e.g. XUD-9, DW10 & IDID injection test). It comes with Cetane Improver and will not harm after treatment devices such as Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).

Why use Techron® D Concentrate?

Your driving performance and fuel economy are compromised when grimy deposits build up in diesel fuel injectors. This diesel fuel system cleaner will benefit drivers who frequently use low quality diesel fuel or biodiesel fuel.

Note: Low quality diesel or biodiesel refers to any diesel product without additives.

Benefits of using can help:

  • Restore lost engine power and performance 
  • Improve combustion and cold starting 
  • Maximise fuel economy 
  • Better acceleration


Keeping diesel injectors clean with Techron® D Concentrate

Diesel fuel injectors comparison*:

*Images depicts the cummins L10 injector test. Image on the left shows impact of injector deposits on spray pattern – irregular spray pattern and inefficient atomisation. The image on the right depicts a clean injector with regular spray pattern and good atomisation.

How to use in just 3 easy steps!

Purchase Techron® D Concentrate and start restoring your fuel system and diesel injectors today. 

One bottle of Techron® D Concentrate Plus is 473ml and best used for vehicles with diesel fuel tank of up to 80L. For larger tanks (more than 80L), a second bottle treatment may be required to gain full benefits.
Use every 5,000km or at every oil change for best results.

Where can I purchase?

To ensure that your vehicle engine is protected by using genuine products, we recommend buying from our authorised Caltex distributors. Our authorised Caltex distributors are committed to delivering high quality products and providing outstanding customer service.

To ensure that your vehicle engine is protected by using genuine products, please buy only from our authorised Caltex distributors. Chevron cannot guarantee and be held liable to the product quality of products not bought from authorised sellers.
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