Delo® History of Firsts


Delo has been delivering advanced engine protection for over 80 years – going further since 1935, with a history of technological firsts and innovation.

Going further since 1935



Marketed the first compounded diesel engine oil under RPM Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil (DELO) brand, making high-speed diesel engines feasible.

CalTex founded as a joint venture of Standard Oil of California.



First in the world to develop compound diesel engine oil that could be used in any diesel engine - adopted by the U.S. Navy. Delo becomes a registered trademark.



First in the world to develop a successful multi-grade engine oil - SAE 15W-40



First grease capable of extending lubrication intervals of heavy duty equipment to 30,000 km.



First to document 1.6 million-KM, no overhaul engine life in Caterpillar 3406B.



Launch of Delo Gear ESI & Delo Trans ESI - first extended drain non-synthetic axle and transmission oils.



Delo ELC is first extended life coolant technology launched and approved as factory fill at Caterpillar under Cat EC-1 specification.



Documents the first 1.6 million-KM, no overhaul engine life for the three major U.S. engine manufacturers and is first to meet the performance levels of PC-7 (CH-4).



Chevron Delo products recognised for outstanding performance and honoured by Lubricants World magazine.



Delo products meet the API CI-4 Plus standard before official licensing.



Delo’s Extended Life Coolant formulation is the first to deliver 1.2 million-KM of service with no Extender required, and also reached first 1.6 million-KM life in heavy duty trucks with the addition of an Extender.



Chevron launches Delo Grease ESI which provides extended service protection to 50,000 km.



Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engine with Delo 400 reaches 2.4 million km without overhaul.



Chevron receives SAE research award for "Extending the Boundaries of Diesel Particulate Filter Maintenance with Ultra-Low Ash - Zero Phosphorus Oil".



Launched Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 — the first low emission oil (API CJ-4) formulated to protect diesel engines using up to 5000ppm diesel fuel sulfur levels.



Delo Grease ESI, the first grease to document 80,000 km re-greasing intervals on over the road trucks for wheel bearings, chassis, U-Joints and fifth wheels.

Delo 400 LE Synthetic SAE 5W-30 becomes first SAE 5W-30 diesel engine oil to achieve 160,000 km oil drain interval with NO oil filter change in Detroit Diesel DD15 diesel engines.

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