Heavy Duty Grease for Trucks & Buses | Delo®


Delo’s grease products are designed to provide high performance and long-lasting protection in difficult operating conditions.  

Keep your vehicle running smoothly and reliably

Greases combine lubricating oils with thickeners to better adhere lubricants to the surfaces of components and help ensure that every greased part operates smoothly.

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Our Product Range

Delo® Starplex EP 2

Multipurpose lubricants made from paraffinic base stocks and contain a carefully balanced additive package to provide gear protection and long lubricant life.

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Marfak® Multipurpose 3

A general purpose grease containing an ISO 220 mineral base oil, a lithium thickener and oxidation inhibitor design for automotive and industrial uses.

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Multifak® EP-2

A multipurpose EP grease containing highly refined mineral base oils, lithium thickener, extreme pressure (EP) additives and rust and oxidation inhibitors.

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