Delo® Engine Oils for Diesel SUVs & Pickup Trucks

DELO®Engine Oils for SUVs

Delo® diesel engine oils for SUVs preserve fuel economy, reduce operating costs, and increase engine durability.

Enhanced protection and performance for your diesel engine

Properly lubricating the inside of an engine requires more than just creating a protective film. High quality engine oils must also disperse soot and control sludge to extend service intervals and maximise engine life. Delo® engine oils do all that and more.

Explore our full range of advanced SUV engine oils now.  

Purchase via our Distributors (in bulk) or at your convienience at all Caltex stations.

Our Product Range

Delo® Sports Advanced SAE 5W-40Fully Synthetic

A high performance, multigrade, synthetic diesel engine oil designed to provide protection for heavy-duty type vehicles such as 4WD, SUVs, pick-up trucks.

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Delo® Sports Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30Semi Synthetic

A high performance, multigrade, diesel engine oil specifically designed to meet the requirements of vehicles where heavy duty type motor oils (HDMOs) are preferred.

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Power Flushing Oil Speciality

A dispersant type flushing oil designed to assist in the removal of soft sludges and deposits during engine oil changes. Formulated from low viscosity base oils and an effective dispersant system.

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