3 Long Distance Driving Tips to Keep You Sane on the Road

Uh-oh. You’re barely 10km into your trip and the kids are already screaming their heads off.

Fear not, here are tips — courtesy of some very creative drivers — to help you survive this and other common problems that you might encounter on a long distance road trip.
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The Problem: Kids who turn into Rambo 90 minutes into the journey

Any discontent between siblings can spark off a full-fledged prison fight, right in the car. Since it’s illegal to eject an offender from a moving vehicle, the makeshift warden (you) needs to exercise creativity to bring the situation under control.

The Solution: Divide and conquer. Take the cue from this ingenious dad and place foam boards between each inmate child when all hell breaks loose. Now you can keep your eyes on the road without unnecessary distractions.

The Problem: The stereo is sown and you have no music or company

Your playlist is stale, the radio signal is terrible and your singing is awful even by your low standards. Rather than resigning yourself to the numbing soundtrack of passing traffic, why not do what cabbies do best: talk?

The Solution: Pick a topic and a like-minded soul from your contact list for a video chat. Even if it’s 2am, you can debate the merits of cheese on toast with someone you miss dearly — even if he or she is halfway round the globe.

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The Problem: You Have the Kind of Bladder That Has to go Every 30 Minutes

Even if you don’t have bladder issues, a plus-sized drink might leave you begging for the loo — when there’s none available for the next 100 miles.

The Solution: If you cannot rely on rest stop toilets, make your own portable loo. By that, we don’t mean a plastic bottle. There are neat (and unisex) contraptions available that promise spill-proof and odourless relief, and are reusable until full. Now you can finally slurp as much cola as you want.