How does Caltex with Techron tirelessly work to give your car #MorePower?

#MorePower to These People Who Work Tirelessly Like Caltex

Diego Gutierrez

Barkada’s Designated Driver

What happens when you’re the only one with a car in the barkada? In the case of Diego, he automatically became his friends’ designated driver. Most of the time, he doesn’t mind one bit, “I’m cool with it. I love my bakada. I’m rewarded with good company during long road trips -- we have fun, we talk about a lot of things, and we do sound trips. So, it doesn’t make me feel tired…well, almost!”

Diego said there are also times when they’re all tired from a long day, and everyone in the group will be sleeping in the car. “The struggle is real to stay up when you have no one to talk to,” he recalls. But he tries his best to stay awake and safely bring each of his friends home because for him, his barkada’s safety is his utmost responsibility. There’s just no room to feel tired.

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Renzo Bautista



Boyfriend na, dancer na, driver pa! That’s a more apt descriptor for Renzo because aside from holding a day job and attending dance practices several times a week, he also holds a special kind of job: a ‘driver’ to his girlfriend, Andrea. Throw in everyday traffic into the mix and you have the stuff that can make someone feel perpetually tired.

But it seems like love has a way of making one feel tireless, as in the case of the dedicated Renzo.“No matter how far the destination is, or how much gas I use up when bringing her home, or taking a detour for dinner, I’m just happy I can drive for her, protect her, and keep her comfortable as best as I can.”

There was one time when Andrea was too shy to ask him if her three other siblings can ride with them and get dropped off. He didn’t hesitate to say yes, “You can say that driving for her will always be a privilege instead of a challenge. That’s how much I love Andrea, I guess.”Aww. You know what they say about drivers, they’re the sweetest.

Stephen Patanao

Dad a.k.a. School Bus Driver


Daddy Stephen, “Patz” to his friends and family, has two precious passengers in his ‘school bus’: his wife and daughter. Every day, he picks up his wife, Jaizza, from work and regularly, he drives home his little daughter to her well-baby check-ups and even takes her shopping.

“There was a time I was on the night shift schedule. When I got home, I just wanted to plop into bed and sleep. But my wife asked me to drive her and my daughter to her check-up. It was a challenging moment because I was just so tired from work and sleepy as well. But I love them so I drove them anyway.”

He says driving for his loved ones gives him a certain feeling of accomplishment, knowing that they are comfortable and safe when he’s the one driving for them. “I am happy and I am at ease.”And those reasons can take away all the feelings of tiredness.

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