Thermatex EP


Thermatex® EP

Thermatex® EP is a nonmelting, EP grease formulated from a highly refined ISO 100 mineral base oil, an organoclay (bentonite) thickener, and an effective EP agent for high temperature applications where frequent re-application is available.

Suitable Applications
  • Formulation offers non-melt peformance helping prevent grease loss and maintain lubrication under high temperature operation
  • Wide temperature application from +1355°C under normal conditions and up to +260°C with very frequent re-lubrication 
  • Organoclay formulation offers reliable water washout and equipment protection in wet operations

• Non-melt performance

• High temperature protection

• Wide temperature industrial application

• From +135°C to +260°C with very frequent re-lubrication

• Water washout protection

• Selected specification standards include: - DIN - ISO

Can include:

  • Industrial ball and roller bearings in high temperature applications
  • Exhaust fan bearings
  • Furnace door bearings

Usable temperature range:
Continuous service -20 to 135°C
With frequent relubrication 260°C

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