Delo TorqForce

Transmission Fluid

Delo® TorqForce

Delo TorqForce products are high performance lubricants designed for use in transmissions, final drives, and hydraulic systems in Allison, Caterpillar, Dana Powershift, Komatsu, Komatsu Dresser, Tremec /TTC, Eaton, Vickers and ZF equipment.

Suitable Applications
  • Long equipment life
    Special additives help protect metal surfaces against scuffing and wear even under severe operating conditions of high temperature and high load.
  • Smooth operation
    Excellent frictional control helps prevent clutch slippage and offers quiet and efficient action of transmission and brakes while minimizing wear.
  • Minimal downtime
    Good compatibility with seals, O-rings, and packing materials maintains their good condition and keeps leakage at a minimum.

Delo TorqForce products are manufactured using highly refined base oils, detergents, dispersants, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, antiwear and extreme pressure agents, and a foam suppressant.

• Designed for both newly developed and older model drive train components.

• Offers excellent friction retention, wear control, seal compatibility, oxidation stability, and viscosity stability.

• The frictional characteristics of the fluid are retained over the life of the lubricant

Delo TorqForce are recommended for use in Caterpillar, Komatsu, transmissions, final drives, and wet brakes, and in Allison, Dana Powershift, Tremec/TTC, Eaton and ZF transmissions, torque converters, and Vickers hydraulic systems.

  • Under normal ambient temperatures, hydraulic systems will use the SAE 10W viscosity grade. SAE 10W and 30 are recommended for mobile hydraulic systems where operating requirements are severe.
  • Transmissions will use the SAE 30 viscosity grade. Delo TorqForce products are also recommended for heavy duty off highway automatic transmissions requiring an SAE 30 fluid.
  • Final drives will use the SAE 50 viscosity grade at normal temperatures and the SAE 60 at high ambient temperatures.

In order to meet Caterpillar specifications, Delo TorqForce products are not friction modified. Thus, they are not recommended for equipment made by other OEMs who require friction modified fluids in order to assure smooth and quiet brake operation. For example, many farm tractor OEMs require fluids such as Chevron 1000 THF in order to eliminate brake noise.

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