Chevron is requesting for certain information in order to process your StarCard application in the Philippines. Such information may include personal data or information that can identify an individual directly or indirectly (e.g., contact details of your employees, officers, representatives). Please be assured that such information will only be shared with members within card operations and credit teams and shall be used only for matters related to StarCard, and only to ensure that we are able to properly service your account. You may opt not to provide such personal data but please note that we may then be unable to process your application and contact you to review and correct the personal data to ensure its accuracy. 

If this application for Starcard is approved by Chevron, we agree that the StarCard Terms and Conditions hereof shall constitute our agreement and hereby authorize Chevron to verify and obtain information on our company from third parties as deemed appropriate. We hereby agree to indemnify Chevron from all claims, demands, penalties, actions, and proceedings brought against it, or any loss, damage to or in connection with any disclosure or divulgence of the said information. 

Please be assured that we are implementing measures to ensure that any such personal data is properly protected and will be shared only to stakeholders within and outside the Philippines, including but not limited to third party contractors, who have legitimate business purpose to collect, handle, and/or process the same.  By providing your information, you hereby consent to the collection, transfer, and use of your personal information by Chevron and any resulting cross-border transfers. Transfer of data, whether locally or globally, shall be done with utmost care and only with appropriate safeguards. It will be stored while you are an active Starcard customer, and will be retained in accordance with Philippine laws in case of account closure.  

If you have any concerns or you would want to review, revise, revoke the personal information provided, you may contact our Customer Service at or call tollfree (02) 8867-7740 (Mon-Fri : 9am-5pm). Our Customer Service will then process your request and respond within 10 business days. For more information on Chevron's Privacy Policy, please visit 


(rev July 3, 2020)