Usher in the long weekend with 3 great journeys

The long weekend is almost here! Enjoy it with 3 great journeys.

Memory Lane

Nothing says family time like the long weekend. So start by finding an old family photo, then drive to the same location to recreate the exact shot. Photos set against familiar backdrops, like Petaling Street or the Bird Park in Kuala Lumpur, are the perfect places to try.

If grandma and grandpa are with you, drive them to somewhere nostalgic and just stroll down memory lane. It’s a sweet, simple way to revisit the past and create some new memories in the process.

Memory Lane
A Pleasant Surprise

A Pleasant Surprise

Long weekends also mean more time to run your errands. And while you’re at it, surprise your friends and family with some unexpected gifts!

For the rock star brother: A steering wheel cover that doubles as a drum set – just remind him to channel his inner rocker only at traffic lights!
For the free-roaming uncle: Caltex fuel vouchers (so he can visit an old friend in a neighbouring state without spending anything on fuel!).
For the smartphone-obsessed family: A four-port USB car charger to keep everyone’s devices juiced.

Going for Gratitude

Spend the long weekend cultivating an attitude for gratitude. Research shows it’s a sure way to feel joy and protects your heart against inflammation (yes, seriously). Plus, it makes you more optimistic and even helps you sleep better.

As you zip your way around for the long weekend, have everyone share something they are grateful for. Feeling extra good? Then fill your car boot with old clothes and items that you can donate to charity.

In Kuala Lumpur, Kechara Soup Kitchen (a superstar charity) distributes over 1,500 packets of food a week and is always looking for vegetarian food items, as well as clothes and medical supplies.