VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner

VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner

VARTECH ISC is a deposit-cleaning product added directly to the oil in use during operation to clean a system of varnish and sludge before scheduled oil change. 

Suitable Applications

VARTECH ISC delivers value through: 

  • The stabilization of varnish and sludge deposits into the oil to enable their efficient removal through a scheduled oil change, restoring system operational efficiency, 
  • Minimal filter plugging,
  • It’s excellent compatibility with many turbine and compressor products (mineral and synthetic hydrocarbon based), 

When added to the end-of-life in-service oil, VARTECH ISC’s state-of-the-art triple-action technology: 

  • Cuts through hard varnish to remove it as micro-sized varnish particles. 
  • Captures and stabilizes the micro-sized varnish particles in a protective barrier to enable effective removal of the varnish from the system without redepositing to the equipment. 
  • Provides compatibility with the in-service oil for optimum operational flexibility while maintaining system performance during the cleaning cycle to prepare for change out to fresh oil. 


  • Added directly to the in-service lubricating oil, 
  • Ideal for use in concentrations between 5% to 20%, 
  • Designed to be effective under normal operating temperatures, not to exceed 120°C (250°F).

If the current oil is severely deteriorated, best practice is draining the degraded oil and refilling with fresh oil so the cleaner can be added to a new fill of Caltex product meeting the OEM’s specifications. 

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