What sets Caltex fuels apart from others is the decades of research and formulation innovations that go into developing and refining our world-class quality fuels. Designed for heavy-duty industrial equipment and vehicles, our fuels bring reliable engine protection and outstanding performance to your operations. Discover our range of quality products and services for end-to-end energy solutions that meet your business needs. 

Automotive Gasoline

Automotive Gasoline

All Caltex automotive gasoline fuel grades contain our proprietary Techron® additive with Clean & Glide Technology™, engineered to a higher standard that keeps your vehicles running for longer. Techron not only removes dirt but also prevents deposits from forming on critical parts of your car’s engine, allowing it to function at optimum and deliver maximum power to your wheels. 

Find out how Caltex fuels with Techron clean and protect your vehicle’s engine while preventing future deposit build-up.

Automotive Diesel

Fuel injectors inside diesel engines are just as vulnerable to deposit formation as gasoline engines. Your fleet will need Caltex Diesel with Techron D—the premium performance diesel suitable for all diesel-powered vehicles.


Commercial Diesel

Keep your industrial engines running efficiently with our advanced Caltex Commercial Diesel products that ensure high-performance and smoother combustion.