Go Rewards Card - Caltex Philippines

Keep Going with Go Rewards

Gas up for more rewards! Earn and redeem points when you gas up at Caltex with your Go Rewards or Robinsons Rewards card.



  • Earn Rewards Points

Earn 1 Go Rewards Point for every 5 liters of Caltex gasoline or diesel purchase via any payment modes.

  • Redeem Rewards Points

1 Go Rewards Point gets you Php1.00 discount per liter of Caltex fuel (Go Rewards program terms).


How redeeming rewards points work: 

Example 1 Example 2

· Purchase 20.5 liters of fuel and card has 100 Reward Points

· Redeem 20.50 Points to get Php20.50 fuel discount.

· New card balance is 79.50 Points.

· Purchase 55 liters of fuel and card has 50 Points (min. amount for redemption)

· Redeem 50 Points to get Php50 fuel discount.

· Earn extra 1 Point for remaining 5 liters purchased

· New card balance is now 1 Point

*The Cardholder can earn and redeem a maximum of 60 Points per fuel purchase. Any fuel purchased in excess of Points redemption shall be eligible to earn Points.

For more information, email Go Rewards Customer Care at customercare@gorewards.com.ph