Marfak® 00 is a general purpose long-fiber viscous and sticky grease containing a high viscosity mineral base oil and a sodium soap thickener for use in general purpose automotive and industrial applications. It provides a tough, durable lubricating film that resists squeezing out and provides good rust protection.

  • Protects equipment
    Proven performance fibrous sodium soap greases with high viscosity base oil and stickiness offers reliable film strength and good surface adhesion. The fibrous content offers protection from contaminants such as dust and dirt by helping provide a reliable seal. 
  • Good service life
    Marfak greases have a sodium component, designed to provide inherent rust protection capability, by emulsifying small amounts of water.
Marfak® 00 is a general purpose long-fiber viscous and sticky grease containing a high viscosity mineral base oil and a sodium soap thickener for use in general purpose automotive and industrial applications. It provides a tough, durable lubricating film that resists squeezing out and provides good rust protection.

Can include:

  • Use as chassis lubricants for passenger cars, trucks, buses, farm and construction equipment.
  • Centralized lubrication systems.

Usable temperature range in continuous service is:

  • -20 to 95°C 

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