HDAX® 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40

Natural Gas Engine Oils

HDAX® 9300 Medium Ash Gas Engine Oil

HDAX® 9300 Medium Ash Gas Engine Oil is a premium performance, long-drain, heavy-duty, low ash crankcase oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of four-stroke natural gas and dual-fuel engines where low ash oils are recommended.


Extended drain capability and low oil consumption – exceptional
oxidation/nitration resistance and base number retention characteristics
enable extended drain capability, even in high BMEP, steel piston engines
designed to use a very low oil feed rate.

Promotes engine cleanliness – dispersant/detergent system allied to
oxidation/nitration resistance minimizes oil thickening and sludge formation,
protecting against filter plugging.

Long component life – excellent control of carbonaceous deposits on
pistons, ensuring correct piston ring operation and providing scuffing protection
to cylinder liners. Protects against abrasive wear.

Optimized ash level – provides excellent valve recession control and
controls potential for pre-ignition.

Catalyst compatible – low phosphorus additive system optimized for
use with catalysts

HDAX ® 9300 is a premium performance medium ash, dispersant/ detergent type gas engine oil formulated specifically for natural gas applications even under heavily
loaded conditions, including high output engines in the 10 MWe class. The
optimized ash level provides protection against valve recession, while avoiding
the formation of ash deposits in the combustion chamber that could lead to

• HDAX® 9300 is designed for use in latest generation high output,
low emission four-stroke engines burning natural gas. It has a medium
ash level, high performance in high Brake Mean Effective Pressure
engines with steel pistons (BMEP greater or equal to 22 bar) with
long drain. HDAX® 9300 will also deliver excellent performance in
lower BMEP engines with aluminium pistons.

• Four-cycle gas engines in cogeneration applications

• Four-cycle medium-speed stationary spark ignition engines and
dual-fuel pilot injection engines operating on sweet natural gas or LPG

• Suitable for use with fuels containing low levels of sulphur and
chloro-fluoro-carbons (CFC). In sour gas/high CFC applications,
lubricants with higher base reserve may be required – for example,
HDAX 9500 SAE 40 and HDAX 6500 SAE 40

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