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GST® Oil

GST Oil is a high-performance inhibited turbine oil formulated from premium base oils, rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors. It is approved by all major turbine manufacturers for use on their equipment.

  • Resists degradation
    Exceptional oxidation stability provided by the multi-component inhibitor system resists oil breakdown during exposure to high temperature conditions.
  • Potential maintenance and downtime savings
    Premium base stocks and multi-component oxidation inhibitor system resist the formation of harmful sludge and varnish deposits. The rust inhibitor protects components against corrosion. 
  • Smooth operation
    The excellent water separability of premium base stocks and inhibitor system ensure rapid settling of harmful water accumulated from steam condensate. The non-silicone foam inhibitor allows rapid release of entrained air while minimizing foam formation, enabling reliable operation of sensitive hydraulic control devices.
  • GST® Oil is a premium performance inhibited turbine oil formulated from premium base oil technology and rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors.
  • GST® Oil is designed primarily for use in industrial Gas and Steam Turbines, it is also suited to many other industrial applications including air compressors where R&O type oils are recommended. 
  • Steam and hydraulic turbines operating under all service conditions
  • Industrial gas turbines operating under severe conditions
  • Rotating machinery in gas and steam combined cycle cogeneration units

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