Talcor™ Mill Brass Compound: Open Gear Oil

Gear Lubricant

Talcor™ Mill Brass Compound Gear Lubricant

TALCOR MILL BRASS COMPOUND is specially designed for lubrication of journal bearings in sugar mills and based on a proprietary formulation. The thickening system is based on a combination of thickeners to ensure that the compound is resistant to various chemicals in juice extracts and remains stable under severe operating conditions. 

Suitable Applications
  • Sugar cane juice contamination has no detrimental effect on the performance of TALCOR MILL BRASS COMPOUND. The inert formulation will not react with copper alloys or lube system componentry.
  • MILL BRASS COMPOUND is solvent free and can be dispensed at sub-zero temperatures, without heating. Complexing of micro-coupling agents and plastisols preferentially adsorbs MILL BRASS COMPOUND to copper and its alloys.
  • TALCOR MILL BRASS COMPOUND formulation consists of a chemical resistant thickening system reinforced with soft laminar, solids, plastisols and compounded with unreacted polymers in a blend of synthetic base oil system.
Sugar Mill Crusher roll journal bearings and any other slow rotating heavily loaded steel on brass or steel on white metal journal bearings.
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