Delo® XLC


Delo® XLC

Delo® XLC is a non-nitrited extended life Antifreeze/Coolant formulation for heavy duty and light duty diesel vehicles and equipment. Delo XLC is formulated with an aliphatic corrosion inhibitor system available as a concentrate and a premix 50/50.

Suitable Applications

Delo XLC Antifreeze/Coolant products deliver value through:

  • Optimal Service life
    Service life of 960,000 kilometers/12,000 hours/6 years with no Extender needed.
  • Excellent Protection
    Excellent protection against pitting, corrosion and erosion even on hard to protect metals like aluminum.
  • Minimized maintenance and related costs
    Requires no regular testing with proper top-up practices and helps eliminate the need for supplemental coolant additives.
• Delo XLC Antifreeze/ Coolant is a heavy-duty, ethylene glycol based engine coolant which incorporates patented organic corrosion inhibitor technology called aliphatic carboxylates.

• Delo XLC is a nitrite, nitrate, borate, phosphate, silicate, and aminefree formulation that is designed to provide maximum protection of the six basic metal alloys found in most heat transfer systems.

• Delo XLC products do not contain phosphates or silicates which are known to contribute to hard water scale

• Delo XLC promotes maximum water pump seal life by eliminating inorganic corrosion inhibitors.

• Delo XLC has a recommended service life of 960,000 kilometers/12,000 hours/ 6 years. This product will not require the addition of SCA’s to achieve its recommended service life. Routine visual inspections, coolant top-off and annual testing are recommended to ensure maximum service life.

• Note: These products are not to be used to protect the inside of potable water systems against freezing. 

Recommended applications for Delo XLC Antifreeze/Coolant:

  • Heavy duty engines regardless of fuel type or environmental controls being used where the OEM recommends a nitrite free, silicate free coolant.
  • Mixed fleets where automobiles, light duty trucks and heavy duty trucks are being serviced and the OEM recommends a nitrite free, silicate free product.
  • Recreational vehicles where a nitrite free, silicate free product is recommended.
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