A simple product with many applications, we offer Caltex Kerosene – a chief ingredient in making fuel for jet aircraft, turboprop, and conventional ramjet engines.


Easy to Ignite

Caltex Kerosene is easy to light and has a steady burning quality.


Fewer Fumes

Caltex Kerosene is safe for the environment and well-ventilated areas, more than other fuels like coal and wood because it doesn’t emit the same fumes as gas.




Our high-grade kerosene is low in sulphur and does not give off any unpleasant smells.



General Uses of Caltex Kerosene

As a light distillate, Caltex Kerosene is used for heating, lighting, and refrigeration. It is also a solvent for weed killers and insecticides.


Industrial Uses of Caltex Kerosene

Caltex Kerosene is used to power your industrial equipment such as farming equipment, electric generators and machinery, and generators that charge storage batteries on farms and in small villages.