CaltexGO Malaysia, faster way to refuel with easy fuel payment

CaltexGO is the safest and easiest way to pay for your fuel and earn loyalty points
- all without your wallet.

Drive to your nearest Caltex station to try our new CaltexGO experience, available on iPhone or Android phones.




Set up your preferred credit card, then pay right from the app

Link your JOURNEY™ Card to automatically earn BPoints with every fuel purchase*.

Confirm your current Caltex Station in seconds

View your transaction history anytime, anywhere

Be among the first to experience CaltexGO and enjoy special promotions.


*BPoints will be processed immediately with your transaction.

CaltexGO - Mobile Payment


How it works


1. Turn on Location Services

Drive to your nearest Caltex station and enable your Location Services. Confirm the current Caltex station by selecting "Mobile Pay".


Tips: Turn on location services for iPhone

1. Go to your iPhone's Settings
2. Tap Privacy > Location Services
3. Scroll down and tap CaltexGO
4. Select 'While Using the App' to choose location access

Details >
Pump number

2. Enter pump number & tap “Confirm”

On CaltexGO app, enter the correct pump number and confirm the selections ie. your preferred payment method, loyalty points and fuel amount. Ensure to do it safely from inside a stationary vehicle or when inside the convenience store for motorcylist. 

Pay now

3. Begin refueling

Simply lift the nozzle off the pump and refuel away!


4. Review your payment

You will receive a detailed receipt of your transaction right after your payment is confirmed. View your payment safely from inside a stationary vehicle or inside the convenience store for motorcylist when you’re done refueling.

Drive to our selected Caltex stations to enjoy the CaltexGO experience!

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Stay Protected with Contactless Payment

At Caltex, your health and safety are our priority. With CaltexGO you can minimise social contact when fueling up at Caltex.


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App Usage Reminders

Mobile phone use in forecourts: After you have switched off your vehicle’s engine, you can use your phone when you’re inside an enclosed stationary vehicle or when you are inside the convenience store. It is also recommended that your phone be disconnected from any related accessories, such as a power bank or phone charger, while using the CaltexGO app.

Why: Mobile phone use remains a source of distraction, with increased personal safety risks from unpredictable vehicular traffic on the forecourt. As a safety precaution, customers are reminded to be mindful of their surroundings and focus on the refueling task at hand. 

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