Paper Machine Oil Premium

Circulating Oil

Paper Machine Oil Premium

Paper Machine Oil Premium oil is superior performing circulating oil designed to give excellent performance in centralized lubrication systems of paper machines particularly those equipped with fine filters or those susceptible to water contamination. 

  • Minimizes unscheduled downtime
    High oxidation stability provides excellent resistance to deposit formation. The detergent/dispersant additive system enables quick removal of deposits from hot bearing surfaces, and the suspension of small particles, rendering them harm-less.
  • Compatible with ultra-fine filters
    The specially balanced additive package and highly refined base stocks provide the outstanding filterability essential for ultra-fine 6 to 12 micron filters, even in the presence of water.
  • Excellent water separability
    Helps permit rapid separation of water in circulating oil system reservoirs, reduc- ing the chance of premature filter plugging and increased metal-to-metal contact.
Paper Machine Oil Premium® oils are paper machine circulating oils designed to give excellent performance in centralized lubrication systems of paper machines.

Circulating oil systems of paper machines, particularly those equipped with ultra-fine 6 to 12 micron filters, superheated steam, or those susceptible to water contamination

  • Suction box pumps, vacuum and white water pumps, agitators, reduction gears and gear head motors
  • Pulp grinders and pulp refiner oil circulation systems
  • Gear drive units and pumps in industrial applications
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