When it comes to your diesel engines, experience more power, optimum fuel economy, reliable performance, and more with Caltex Diesel with Techron D – our exclusive premium performance diesel that keeps fuel injectors clean, protects against corrosion and reduces foaming while fuelling up.


Tested and Proven Diesel Engine Benefits

Standardised engine and laboratory tests have demonstrated that Techron D cleans your engine and protects it for the long run. 


Cleaner Fuel Injectors

Having cleaner fuel injectors prevents deposits from hindering the fuel and air mixing process, giving your fleet better fuel economy.


More Power

Cleaner fuel injectors reduce their vulnerability to the formation of deposits, giving more power to your engine compared to diesel fuels without Techron D.


Less Foam

Caltex with Techron D produces less foam and a faster collapse time compared to diesel fuels not containing Techron D, resulting in a cleaner and faster fuelling experience.



Caltex with Techron D contains powerful corrosion inhibitors that protect the metal surfaces of your engine against rust, giving it enhanced reliability.



Compatible With All Diesel Engine Vehicles 

Caltex Diesel (BIO) with Techron D is the only B7 and B10 diesel that contains the exclusive Techron D additive which controls deposits, helps maintain fuel injector cleanliness, and supports optimum engine performance.