Havoline® Xtended Life Inhibitor Premixed Antifreeze/Coolant


Havoline® Xtended Life Inhibitor Premixed Antifreeze/Coolant

Havoline® Xtended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is a single phase, ethylene glycol antifreeze/coolants based on an aliphatic corrosion inhibitor system available as a concentrate, a premix 50/50 and a premix 55/45.

Suitable Applications
  • OEM Approval
    Meets the requirements of Ford WSS-M97B44-D, GM 6277, MB 325.3 and Volkswagen TL 774F specifications.
  • Wide service application
    Recommended for use in Domestic, Asian and European automotive and passenger car diesel applications including newer hybrid vehicles.
  • Heat Transfer
    Improved heat transfer when compared to silicate containing antifreeze/coolant products.
  • Havoline Xtended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is based on a patented aliphatic organic additive formulation that provides a service life of 250,000 kilometers/5 years and is approved under GM 6277 meeting the GM DEX-COOL® requirements.
  • The main corrosion inhibitors in Havoline Xtended Life Antifreeze/Coolant have been shown to remain above 95% of their original concentration with proper top off after 250,000 kilometers in automobiles. This allows much longer intervals between coolant change-outs.
  • Havoline Xtended Life Antifreeze/Coolant has been formulated without inhibitors such as silicates that have been shown to be abrasive to water pump seals. In comparison taxi field tests versus conventional coolants, Havoline Xtended Life Antifreeze/Coolant reduced the need to replace water pumps during the 160,000 kilometer test. In addition to fleet tests, this product has also been tested by a major manufacturer of water pump seals and has been found to be more compatible with the seals than other coolants previously tested.
  • Havoline® Xtended Life Antifreeze/Coolant meets the specifications of:
    • ASTM D3306
    • Ford WSS-M97B44-D
    • GM 6277M
    • MB 325.3
    • VW TL 774F
  • Havoline Xtended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is recommended for use in:
    • General Motors vehicles post 1995
    • Chrysler vehicles post 2001
    • Ford Vehicles post 2003
    • European gasoline and diesel automobiles
    • Japanese gasoline automobiles, SUVs and Pickup trucks
    • Korean gasoline automobiles and SUVs

It is recommended that this product not be diluted with other coolant formulations by more than 25% in order to maintain performance claims.

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