Experience Caltex’s premium fuel with Techron—an innovative formulation that keeps your vehicles running efficiently and smoothly. Techron's formulation is unique because it contains polyetheramines, which have been scientifically proven to keep vital engine parts clean and prevent the accumulation of grimy deposits. Through decades of research and development at Chevron Richmond Technology Center (United States), our team of chemists and engineers test and retest Techron’s effectiveness in various engine and vehicle conditions to develop new Techron with Clean & Glide™ Technology. 


Fuel up your fleet with the benefits of Caltex with Techron

With a friction-reducing additive designed to protect metal components and improve efficiency, our Techron formula helps deliver enhanced engine benefits that give your vehicle a smoother journey. 


Enhanced engine protection

Techron with Clean & Glide Technology contains components which are designed to coat and protect metal surfaces, reducing wear by up to 38% and friction by up to 41% proven by laboratory tests, compared to our previous formulation.


Maximised power and performance

Techron removes deposits that rob your engine of power and reduces friction with continued use. Less friction means less resistance in your engine so that more power can be brought to your fleet. 


Improved fuel economy

Caltex with Techron is proven to clean vital engine parts effectively, helping your engine burn fuel more efficiently, and making your fleet’s journey more economical for your business.



The Automotive Gasoline that fuels your business

Fuel up your fleet with our Caltex petrol grades which have all 5-Star benefits of the improved Techron formulation with Clean & Glide Technology for protection, performance and fuel efficiency


Regular 92 with Techron

This petrol is recommended for less demanding drivers, light on the pocket, and heavy on all the 5-star benefits of Techron.


Premium 95 with Techron

This petrol is recommended for most drivers and maintains optimal engine performance with the new & improved Techron formulation.


Ultra - Premium Platinum 98 with Techron

This superior grade petrol has all the 5-star benefits of the new & improved Techron formulation and is designed for high-performance engines and demanding drivers.