Running a gas station is an enormous task. Committed to helping your business run smoothly and effectively, we are always by your side — offering valuable support, resources and assistance to help you grow your investment towards business success, ensuring that you receive the performance you want, reliability you need, and partnership you truly value.

Comprehensive Support You Can Rely on

Business Consultants

Receive guidance from our team of highly qualified Business Consultants who are experts in the field throughout your journey towards becoming a successful Caltex station owner.

Well-versed in both industry-specific and operational knowledge, our dedicated Business Consultants have been trained to tailor solutions to meet your unique investment needs, from setting up business plans and assessing performance, to fine-tuning marketing tactics.

Moreover, our Business Consultants will also assist you in maintaining the high service levels and brand image of Caltex, ensuring that the Caltex brand is synonymous with excellence across the nation. 

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Construction and Building

Receive valuable construction and building assistance when building your new Caltex gasoline station, and enjoy the freedom of choosing your preferred retail partners to meet your site trading needs, complement the overall retail experience, or add a revenue stream.

Committed to operational excellence, our skillful team will assist you with issues pertaining to permits, legal matters, design standards, material sourcing, supplier selection, and more, regardless of the size of your land.

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Technology and Training

Gain access to our New Retailer On-Boarding Programme, and get equipped with the operational and business capabilities required to successfully manage a new site. Through Caltex Academy, we ensure that you will be able to experience continuous retailer development via a combination of online, classroom and on-site training sessions.

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