Power Diesel™ with Techron® D (Euro 5) B7

Introducing the latest advancement in diesel power from Caltex. Caltex Power Diesel (Euro 5) with Techron®D is an ultra-high performance diesel formula with Techron®D. It is Caltex’s latest diesel technology that is suitable for diesel engines. Containing triple the cleaning power of Techron®D*, it helps keep fuel injectors clean, restores lost power, improves acceleration and fuel economy while decreasing exhaust emissions and preventing corrosion.
*Compared to current Techron®D formulation in Euro 2M Diesel

Caltex Power Diesel is proven to restore lost engine performance after years of use while improving the overall efficiency of your diesel engine. Standard tests conducted with Power Diesel Techron®D formulation in a Euro 5 engine found that it cleaned the diesel fuel injector system effectively. At the end of this test the engine is free from performance robbing deposits & this helps it to perform like new!

At the end of the test, Power Diesel Techron®D formulation produced 10% more power than a - diesel containing no additive using a Euro 5 engine.

The benefits of Caltex Power Diesel (Euro 5) with Techron®D*:

  • 100% Clean fuel injectors
  • 100% Full power restored
  • Zero rust for better protection
  • Zero foam for faster & cleaner refuel 

*Tests were conducted in an ISO9001 accredited laboratory and standard industry laboratory engine test