Petrol with Techron® - Better Fuel Economy & Efficiency

Caltex with Techron®, The 5 Star Fuel

Techron works molecule by molecule to prevent deposits from forming in vital engine parts and removes deposits left behind by inferior-quality fuel.

For your car's best performance, choose Caltex with Techron petrol. Enjoy 5 benefits in 1 fuel when you use any grade of Caltex with Techron® petrol. 


How does Techron® help?

Discover the importance of keeping vital engine parts clean inside different car engines and how Techron® helps.

A port fuel injection engine feeds fuel and air through the intake port behind each cylinder’s valves.

Drive to a Caltex station and experience the cleaning power of Techron® in all our petrol grades:

Premium 95 with Techron®

Premium 95 with Techron®

Recommended for most drivers, this petrol maintains optimal engine performance and has all 5-Star benefits of Caltex with Techron formulation, keeping your engine clean from deposits.

Premium 97 with Techron®

Premium 97 with Techron®

For the most demanding driver, this Euro 4M standard petrol has all 5-Star benefits of Caltex with Techron formulation. And is best for high performance engines.