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  • Techron Advantage
    Learn about Caltex fuel's Techron Advantage that provide power, economy and reliability to your car's engine giving you a smoother, responsive ride.
  • Techron in your engine
    Keep car engines clean with Techron Technology. Techron gas additives helps clean intake valves and protects fuel injectors from harmful injector deposits.
  • Science of Techron
    Chevron continuously works to further the development of Techron gasolines to help keep car engines free of harmful deposits. Learn the Science of Techron here
  • Caltex With Techron®
    Find out more about Caltex Techron Fuels. Techron gas additive in Caltex fuels keeps engine cleaner. Techron D for diesel engines is also available.
  • Caltex Diesel With Techron® D
    Caltex Diesel with Techron D is an improved diesel fuel formulation containing an exclusive Techron D additive. A clean engine means optimal power and fuel economy and enhanced reliability. Learn more about it in detail.
  • Power
    Caltex with Techron fuels prevent build-up of harmful deposits to improve your car engine's performance. Find out more about the Techron Advantage.
  • Economy
    Caltex with Techron restores fuel economy by cleaning your car's fuel system from harmful deposits. Find out more about the Techron fuel efficiency.
  • Reliability
    Caltex with Techron fuels keep the engine clean to help it run more efficiently & improve engine reliability. Find out more about the Techron Advantage.
  • Fewer Emissions
    Caltex with Techron helps keep car engine's fuel injectors & intake valves clean to decrease exhaust emissions. Find out more about the Techron Advantage.
  • Smooth Ride
    Caltex with Techron fuels help clean your car engine to minimize harmful deposits for a smoother ride. Find out more about the Techron Advantage.
  • Techron Technology
    Techron Technology
  • Caltex Diesel 50 with Techron D
    Caltex Diesel 50 with Techron® D is a new and improved diesel which contains an exclusive Techron D additive.