Caltex White Rabbit returns

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Caltex White Rabbit returns

May 05, 2011

Easter saw the relaunch of the Caltex White Rabbit, a 30-year old icon that assured customers of a warm welcome, great service and sparkling restrooms. The company, which will celebrate its 75th anniversary, used an integrated marketing campaign designed to create a deeper emotional connection with the brand. Its Easter promotion runs until 20 May 2011.

Teresa Booth-Oliveira, GM of products at Chevron, says that research confirms that the Caltex White Rabbit still holds a special place in the hearts of many South Africans. 

Continues Booth-Oliveira, "We recently undertook some basic research in a drive to ascertain how we could build and strengthen the emotional connection to our brand. It was an honour to hear that the White Rabbit still resonated so strongly with them today. Our decision to bring him back was really inspired by our consumers and their childhood memories of the icon and our friendly welcome." 

Back to the future 

The White Rabbit is indelible in the mind of the 70's South African child. Fast forward to the age of Twitter, Facebook and Justin Bieber and the icon will delight today's generation via an advanced social media campaign driven from the forecourts. The brand will use Facebook and Twitter to engage its customers.As part of its efforts to bring the brand in line with its consumer needs, the company is revitalizing its forecourts and will launch Freshstop number 50 by June 2011.