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What’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

According to the Infocomm Media Development Authority, Artificial Intelligence refers to the study and use of intelligent machines to mimic human action and thought. AI has also been identified as one of the four emerging technologies to drive the digital economy and transform the way people live and work in Singapore.

Caltex Fuel Your School - Tech Jam 2019 offers kids of all age the chance to explore the world of AI and machine learning, from how this knowledge can potentially solve everyday problems to helping create lifestyle solutions. Industry mentors will also be on hand to guide students in creating quirky AI-related projects such as a chatbot; a virtual health guru as well as a zero-waste creation.   

What is Fuel Your School?

Caltex’s signature Fuel Your School initiatives a community outreach program designed to inspire learning and provide educational support for students. In 2019, Caltex Singapore will contribute $3, up to $60,000, for every successful fuel transaction using CaltexGO between 13 September 2019 to 13 October 2019.

Funds will be channeled towards sparking interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects through a fun and accessible learning journey. This program offers motorists a convenient way to support education in their community.

How will the Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam program be funded?

From 13 September 2019 to 13 October 2019, when motorists make a successful fuel transaction using CaltexGO, Caltex will contribute $3, up to $60,000, directly to community partner Science Centre Singapore to fund a hands-on Artificial Intelligence workshop for students island-wide. A separate open weekend session will be held, suitable for kids from 7 and above.

Who’s involved?

The educational program is designed by Science Centre Singapore, with support from industry mentors to guide and mentor students participating in the school session.

What will kids learn at Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam?

Held from 24 – 25 October and 29 – 31 October, each hands-on workshop offers students the opportunity to learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning – from how this knowledge can potentially solve everyday problems to helping create lifestyle solutions. Students will participate in challenges that include:

·     Your Future Friend: Learning to construct and program a basic chatbot

·     What Do I Eat: Designing a visual recognition program to help kids make healthier eating choices

·     Zero Waste Hero: A mystery project for the adventurous

Students who demonstrate an aptitude and interest for STEM will be invited for an Immersive Learning Program with the Science Centre in November 2019. For more information on the challenges, visit the Science Centre Singapore.

Where can I learn more about the program?

For more information about the Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam program, visit the Science Centre Singapore .