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How do I use Caltex Outdoor Fuel Payment?

With Caltex's Outdoor Fuel Payment Terminal, it's now simple to pump and go! 

Here's how:

Step 1: Select card payment

Step 2: Insert Plus! Card or discount card (if any)

Step 3: Insert your payment card

Step 4: Select authorisation limit

Step 5: Fuel up!

It's that easy!


Which cards will be accepted at the Outdoor Fuel Payment Terminal?

Caltex Outdoor Payment Terminal accepts most Visa / Mastercard / American Express credit and debit cards. Cash payments cannot be made at the terminal, but are still accepted in-store. Cards not accepted - OCBC Plus! Visa Card, NETS, StarCash Card, CashCard, JCB Cards, China Union Pay (CUP).

For outdoor payment, a pre-authorisation on your credit or debit card is required to ensure that the account is active prior to the purchase. 

What is "pre-authorisation"?

Credit and debit cards are checked ("pre-authorised") after the cardholder has selected his/her payment card to verify that there are available funds on the card before the fuel transaction commences.

The selected authorisation limit for the fuel purchase(between $20 and $120) will then be temporarily held on your card account by the card issuer. Any unused amount will be released by card issuer between 3 to 21 working days.

For example, if a customer selects a pre-authorisation amount of $100 and only fills $50. The $50 will be charged to the customer's credit card and the remainder $50 from the pre-authorised $100 will be released after the transaction. (Note - the release of the "pre-authorised amount may not occur immediately. The time of the release is dependent on the card provider).