Caltex® and People’s Association Share in the Dreams of 150 Children from Less-Privileged Background at the ‘Caltex PAssion for Kids’ 2014 Closing Ceremony

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Caltex® and People’s Association Share in the Dreams of 150 Children from Less-Privileged Background at the ‘Caltex PAssion for Kids’ 2014 Closing Ceremony

June 22, 2014

SINGAPORE, 22 June, 2014 – The ‘Caltex PAssion For Kids’ 2014 programme provided 150 children from less-privileged background the opportunity to improve their academic knowledge, gain social skills, increase self-confidence and develop good teamwork.

The workshop component of the programme concluded on 25 May 2014; and featured an inaugural two-day residential camp at the National Community Leadership Institute NACLI campus. One hundred and fifty participating beneficiaries were selected through the People’s Association’s (PA’s) eight Teens Network Clubs (T-Net Clubs) as well as students (from eight schools) under the Ministry of Education Financial Assistance Scheme.

A friendly and outspoken girl, 12-year-old Ng Xin Yi Sindi shared, “I’ve really enjoyed the two-day camp and am very thankful to have been able to attend it. The PA trainers taught us to build self-confidence, remain positive and to always dream big. It was very motivating for me and I know that if I work hard, I can achieve my dream of becoming a professional singer.” Likewise, 12-year old Gabriel Austine Beckham shared that, “making new friends and participating in the various activities have been the best part of this camp. I feel motivated and with my new friends, I believe that we can do anything we set our minds to.”

Sindi and Gabriel were among the 150 young participants who had taken part in the 2014 programme, which culminated in a Closing Ceremony held earlier today at the PA Headquarters. Joining the session was Grassroots Adviser Mr Desmond Lee, Adviser to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations and Minister of State, Ministry of National Development. Mr Lee witnessed the participants’ final challenge in their ‘Dream Race Finale’, before joining the audience in a short mass dance.

“Children are the future of Singapore.  We need to nurture them, guide them, instil in them good values, and give them the space to develop, to express their creativity and to push their own limits.  This is principally the role of parents, but there are also other important stakeholders such as schools, the community and indeed corporate partners who can help spare our next generation,” said Grassroots Adviser Mr Desmond Lee.

Chevron, which markets leading energy brand, Caltex, has furthered their partnership with PA by sponsoring $120,000 in cash for the 2014 programme. The Programme was facilitated by PA Lifeskills and Lifestyle Division and Youth Division with the support of 20 dedicated PA Trainers who had specially customised and conducted several workshops and elective components throughout the two-day camp. Twenty Caltex volunteers were also present for a segment of the camp activities, sharing their life experiences and guiding the participants during their dream-building activities.

“The ‘Caltex PAssion for Kids’ initiative aims to facilitate a potential paradigm shift in the way these children approach their studies and life, by motivating and inspiring them to achieve their dreams. At Chevron, we strive to support the communities that we operate in, share their concerns and are dedicated in assisting to create a better and brighter future. Since its launch in 2012, I am happy to share that the ‘Caltex PAssion for Kids’ initiative has fuelled the passion of 430 children from less-privileged background, ensuring that they’re able to enjoy their own journey,” said Peng Xiao Fei, Vice President Asia Pacific Products, Chevron International Pte. Ltd.

“PA is happy to partner with Chevron Singapore as we share the same objective to better our community and nurturing the young. For the first time, 150 children had taken part in the two-day residential camp where they gained knowledge in Math, English and Science as well as picked up creativity and teamwork skills through various workshops. Through this, we hope that more corporations can come forward to contribute to the community for many more such meaningful projects,” said Ms Tan Swee Leng, Director (Lifeskills & Lifestyle Division), PA.

The Closing Ceremony celebrated the participants’ learning journey with their families, relatives and new friends. Their achievements were highlighted during a ‘Dream Race Finale’ and a sharing session.