People’s Association Partners with Caltex to Launch Community Outreach Programme

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People’s Association Partners with Caltex to Launch Community Outreach Programme

April 11, 2012

‘Caltex PAssion for Kids’ is specially designed to inspire learning among underprivileged children


SINGAPORE, 11 April, 2012 – People’s Association (PA), through its exclusive membership card, PAssion Card has joined forces with leading energy brand, CaltexTM to launch ‘Caltex PAssion for Kids’, a new enrichment programme targeted at children from low-income families.

Caltex PAssion for Kids is a community outreach programme designed to inspire learning and give underprivileged children the opportunity to gain knowledge, develop new skills and be exposed to new ways of learning.

The first course of Caltex PAssion for Kids is a five-day personal breakthrough and self-empowerment workshop entitled ‘Drive for Success’, brought to you by PA Kiddies in collaboration with MindChamps, an international award-winning mind development institute.

PA will identify 80 Primary Five students through its network, based on criteria such as household income and academic results. The participants will partake in a series of team-building and lecture-styled activities designed to help them go through a self-reflection journey, enabling the preteens to shift their focus from ‘self’ to ‘others’. This process helps them to overcome mental barriers to academic and social success.

Through the partnership with PA, Caltex hopes to support Singapore’s continued focus on education as the key to social mobility and an important social leveller. “Caltex PAssion for Kids allows us to reach out to underprivileged students by providing them with exposure to premium motivational workshops that they would otherwise not have access to. We want to facilitate a potential paradigm shift in the way these students mentally approach their studies and life in general. This is our way of giving back to the community,” said John Sam, Caltex Retail Manager, Chevron Singapore.

From 1 April to 31 May 2012, for every $50 dollars of petrol pumped at Caltex stations in Singapore, Caltex will donate $1 to the Caltex PAssion for Kids programme, with a target amount of $60,000 to fund the workshop.

“This is the first time the PA and its PAssion card members are collaborating with Caltex to bring joy to needy children in Singapore. Through the PA Kiddies programme, these children will have the opportunities to pursue their passions and along the way develop strong friendships with each other,” added Ms Lim Kar Yee, Group Director (Engagement Cluster-Lifestages), PA.

In addition, PAssion Card members will enjoy an additional 13% discount on petrol at Caltex stations in Singapore when they produce their PAssion Card together with discount vouchers found in their quarterly newsletter.

The ‘Drive for Success’ workshop will be conducted at selected Community Clubs during the September school holidays where MindChamps trainers will work with up to 80 students over the five-day course. Caltex targets to raise up to $60,000 to fund the workshop.

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In Singapore, Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd markets the CaltexTM brand, which is Chevron’s customer-facing brand in Asia Pacific and parts of the Middle East and Africa. The Caltex retail network in Singapore consists of 30 Caltex service stations, 26 StarMarts and three minimarts. Products such as Caltex with Techron® petrol, Caltex Diesel with Techron® D and Havoline® motor oil are also available at all Caltex service stations. Through Caltex Energy for Learning, our signature social investment programme focused on education, Caltex supports learning-based projects, which create opportunities for individuals to acquire new knowledge, gain new skills or be exposed to different ways of thinking.

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