Drivers Winning a Year’s Worth of Fuel are the first to get their Christmas presents

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Drivers Winning a Year’s Worth of Fuel are the first to get their Christmas presents

January 11, 2012

SINGAPORE, 14 December 2011 – A team of eight drivers have won a year’s worth of fuel each in the Caltex Techron Club promotion. They will be splitting the equivalent of a full tanker of fuel, worth $40,000 in total.   

As part of its 75th anniversary celebrations, Caltex ran a number of promotions throughout the year, culminating in Techron Club. It was designed to encourage drivers to fill their vehicles with Caltex fuels with Techron®, and experience the unique cleaning power of the fuel additive, specially developed to enhance the performance of vehicles. 

The promotion of over 75 days started on 1 September 2011 and came to a close on 15 November 2011. Drivers had to register for a unique code, before forming teams to qualify. The winner was determined by the team that spent the most on Caltex fuels with Techron throughout the promotion period. 

A total of 293 teams took part, and in its final weekend, teams battling for top spot sprinted to an aggressive finish. Although initially lagging in second place, Team PYPERAM claimed the top spot with last minute effort, spending a mere 3.5% more than former table toppers, Team AWESOMEONE.  

“I have been a Caltex user for more than 15 years now and my team liked the fact that winning was entirely up to us. We encouraged each other to pump fuel at Caltex stations and I was pleasantly surprised that we managed to leapfrog the top teams at the end. My team and I are extremely ecstatic to win and we thank Caltex for offering this unique competition,” said Ms Audrey Ruyters, 44, team leader of PYPERAM, who emerged victorious in the Techon Club promotion.  

“With Techron Club we wanted to do something different to reward, engage and connect with our customers. We created Techron Club so that winning the prize was left in the motorist’s hands. We thank our loyal customers and look forward to bringing them more unique promotions”, says Mr John Sam, Caltex Retail Manager, Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd.