Caltex™ Launches Contest to Drive Customers to Win Tanker of Fuel

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Caltex™ Launches Contest to Drive Customers to Win Tanker of Fuel

September 01, 2011

SINGAPORE, 1 September 2011 – Caltex is giving to one customer and seven of his/her friends a whole tanker of fuel. The key to winning what is equivalent to one year’s worth of fuel for each one of the eight members of the team is not left to chance. Caltex hands the control over to its customers with this promotion as teams are able to join a contest, track their performance and race all the way to the finishing line, hence, leaving nothing to chance.  

The promotion, which is part of Caltex’s 75th anniversary campaign, begins today at noon and will run till 11:59am on 15 November 2011, for 75 days. Drivers simply need to join Caltex’s Techron Club by logging on to The first 750 drivers who join the club will be given a unique code. They can then invite and build a team of seven friends to compete. The mechanics are simple, consumers will need to pump Caltex with Techron® fuels or Caltex Diesel with Techron D during the promotion period, log in the amount spent and track their team’s progress online. The team that spends the most on Caltex fuels over the 75 day period will drive away with the grand prize. 

“With Techron Club we want to reward motorists who keep coming back to Caltex with the opportunity to win a year’s worth of fuel, not by mere chance. You join, invite your friends to participate, encourage and challenge each other all the way to the finishing line. It is all in your hands, if you win or not”, says Mr John Sam, Caltex Retail Manager, Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd.   

The Techron Club promotion is part of the recently launched Caltex campaign, “Enjoy the Journey”. With this campaign, the brand establishes itself as understanding motorists and their individual needs. Product, service and facilities enhancements are driving the way to engage and connect with customers, making their journey a little more enjoyable.  

Caltex fuels with Techron remain the focal point of this campaign. They provide provide cleaning power for vital engine parts which helps to not only reduce exhaust emissions, improve fuel economy and deliver a smooth performance, but also enhances reliability, thus giving consumers their desired peace of mind to relish the drive. 

Visit for more details and to form your own team and compete.