Chevron brings energy efficiency awareness to over 35,000 students

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Chevron brings energy efficiency awareness to over 35,000 students

April 22, 2010

Singapore, 22 April 2010 – Since the beginning of March 2010, 47 primary and secondary schools in the South West district have pro-actively come up with more energy conservation ideas, promoting energy-saving habits to reduce their schools’ energy consumption as part of the Chevron-South West Energy Quest for schools. At the end of the three-month program in May, the total reduction on their energy bill will be matched dollar-for-dollar by Chevron and South West Community Development Council (CDC) to benefit the needy students in all the schools. 

Students also deepened their involvement by playing Energy Spin, an online educational game on, to learn about energy-saving tips while benefiting the needy. Total points accumulated by players of the game will be matched by an equivalent cash contribution from Chevron and South West CDC.

Through these two initiatives, Chevron and South West CDC hope to raise $135,000 to benefit up to 1,500 needy students with $90 each for their school enrichment programs.

The Chevron-South West Energy Quest is a key program under Energy for Learning, the long-term initiative by Chevron and its retail brand, Caltex, to support learning-based projects. These projects aim to create opportunities for individuals to acquire new knowledge, gain new skills or be exposed to different ways of thinking. 

One participating school, Chua Chu Kang Primary School, has even come up with a special program to try to increase their energy savings for the month of April. In addition to ongoing energy efficiency initiatives for the Chevron-South West Energy Quest, the primary school will have two 30-minute lights out exercises between 10.55am to 11.25pm and 1.55pm to 2.25pm, in celebration of Earth Day. 

“We rolled out a series of activities in our school to encourage students to participate in reducing the school’s energy consumption, as we believe that it is important for children to begin learning about energy conservation at a young age. The Earth Day program also serves to demonstrate how much we can save when we all do something together as a school. It is great that Chevron has undertaken this initiative to boost the education process, while contributing funds to help less fortunate students,” said Mr Francis Foo, principal of Chua Chu Kang Primary School.

Other schools in the South West district also responded enthusiastically to the Chevron-South West Energy Quest. Jurong West Secondary School set up computer laboratories for students to play the Energy Spin game, while Corporation Primary School distributed “Save Energy” stickers for students to paste on switches in their classrooms to remind them to switch off unused fittings and appliances. Bukit View Secondary School has even gone the extra mile to install a set of solar panels in the school’s eco garden.

Ms Lorrain Chong, Asia Pacific Regional Manager for Policy, Government and Public Affairs, Chevron, said, “Through our partnership with South West CDC, we hope to educate, inspire and empower students into making energy conservation a way of life. We are heartened by the response and enthusiasm by all the participating schools in this initiative, and hope that the students whom we have reached through the Chevron-South West Energy Quest will spread the energy conservation message among their families and friends.” 

Dr Amy Khor, Mayor of South West District, says, "The Chevron-South West Energy Quest is our joint initiative to impress the message of sustainability on our schools. We want to challenge and motivate students and staff alike to reduce energy consumption. We hope to spur all of them to adopt energy-saving habits as a way of life and to spread this message to their families and friends. 47 schools in the district have opted to be a part of this exciting program. Many of these schools have, in fact, developed striking and innovative ways to reduce energy usage. Chevron has pledged a cash donation for the total energy saved through the Quest, which will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the South West CDC. The amount raised will be channeled towards enrichment programs for needy students in the district. This partnership among Chevron, the South West CDC and schools epitomizes the two-fold objective of the South West CDC to promote a self-help spirit and simultaneously achieve greater sustainability in our District.”