LubeWatch Oil Analysis


The lubricants in your systems hold many clues about conditions that can cause premature wear, shorter oil life and even potential failures. LubeWatch® Oil Analysis allows you to monitor, detect and correct these issues, to help you maximise uptime and extend equipment life.

Improve your operation with our expertise

LubeWatch utilises advanced laboratory processes to test your oil. It often detects issues  before it results in costly downtime. Our experts will help you use the program to its fullest to make a real difference in your operation. We will guide you in setting objectives and choosing the right test packages to meet them. Results come back quickly and are interpreted reliably, specially tailored to your preferences, with recommendations you can act on immediately.

LubeWatch oil analysis program provides

Accurate results from six basic test packages
A wide variety of specialised testing procedures
Reliable interpretation of test results with actionable recommendations
Advanced technical services e.g. component failure, wear particle analysis
Expert training and in-field counsel and support
Cost-effective standard and specialty tests
Assured system integrity during extended oil drain intervals

Improve uptime multiple ways

Oil analysis is best used as part of a preventive maintenance program that utilises multiple tools and procedures to optimise uptime. We can help you implement this program with the right elements, such as condition monitoring software that allows you to track trends in lubricants and equipment and use the data to set drain intervals and other maintenance. We can also source other diagnostic services such as vibration analysis, infrared scanning and borescoping to help you pinpoint and mitigate potential problems.

Oil Analysis helps increase equipment reliability

  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance More Efficiently
  • Reduce Equipment Downtime
  • Reduce Oil Disposal
  • Increase Oil Replacement Intervals
  • Optimise Equipment Life
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

Test packages to cover your operation

LubeWatch can streamline your testing regimen by combining standard tests for typical applications. We can help you put together the right combination of packages to best fit the range of equipment across your operation. Our standard packages are:


C1 Lubrication — Basic

Viscosity @ 40°C or 100°C (mod. ASTMD445) Trace Elements & Additives (mod. ASTM D5185) % Water (Crackle Test)*


C2 Diesel Crankshaft

Viscosity @ 100°C (mod. ASTM D445)Trace Elements & Additives (mod. ASTM D5185)% Water (Crackle Test)* Glycol (ASTM D2982) Fuel Dilution (ASTM D7593) Fuel Soot by Wilks Soot Meter BaseNumber (mod. ASTM D4739)


C3 Natural Gas

Viscosity @ 100°C (mod. ASTM D445) Trace Elements & Additives (mod.ASTM D5185) % Water by Karl Fischer (mod. ASTMD6304C)* Oxidation (ASTM E2412) Nitration (ASTM E2412) Acid Number (mod. TM D664)


C4 Industrial Oils

Viscosity @ 40°C (mod. ASTM D445) Trace Elements & Additives (mod. ASTM D5185) % Water by Karl Fischer (mod. ASTMD6304C)* Oxidation (ASTM E2412) Nitration (ASTM E2412) Acid Number (mod. ASTM D664)C4 PC: Includes all tests from C4 plus. Particle Count (mod. ISO 11500)


C5 Metal Working Fluids

Viscosity @ 40°C (mod. ASTM D445) Trace Elements & Additives (mod.ASTM D5185) % Water by Karl Fisher (mod. ASTMD6304C)* Chlorine (ASTM D5384) Sulfur (ASTM D4951) % Fat (ASTM E2412)


C6 Turbine Oils

Viscosity @ 40°C (mod. ASTM D445) Trace Elements & Additives (mod ASTMD5185) % Water by Karl Fisher (mod. ASTMD6304C)* Oxidation (ASTM E2412) Particle Count (mod. ISO 11500) Water Separability (ASTM D1401) Oxidation by Rotary Pressure Vessel (ASTM D2272)

Maintenance facts of oil analysis program users


Maximize equipment uptime through oil analysis.+


Observe improved equipment reliability from enhanced maintenance programs using oil analysis results.+


Have used oil analysis test results to optimise oil drain intervals up to two times that of the standard drain.+


Report that scheduled downtime saves more money than unexpected equipment failures.+

+ POLARIS OUTLOOK 2015 Benchmark Study for the Oil Analysis Industry.

Add LubeWatch to your maintenance program today

Your oil samples are tested in an ISO certified independent lab using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. You can be certain that every report is comprehensive, accurate and unbiased. Testing also is available for coolants and fuel.