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The Importance Quality Control


To go places, you will need products that can go the distance. Which is why we put all our products through consistent quality controls, ensuring that they perform at the optimum levels to give you better value.

It is no wonder that our family of premium products is used by millions of motorists and corporate clients. If you are not already on board with us, maybe you should. Designed and tailored for your every purpose, try out our comprehensive fuels and lubricants product range.

Caltex With Techron® - unique fuel cleaning additive

Techron® works molecule by molecule to prevent deposits from forming in vital engine parts and removes deposits left behind by inferior-quality fuel.  There are several Caltex with Techron fuels to cater to the different requirements of your vehicles. Now you can match the most efficient fuel for your needs.

Enjoy 5 benefits in 1 fuel when you use any Caltex with Techron petrol. It cleans your engine to help maximise power, improve fuel economy and lower emissions to ensure reliable performance and a smoother drive.

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Techron Concentrate Plus is a fuel system cleaner that is tested and proven to be unbeatable in cleaning the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers in just one tankful for all types of automobile gasoline engines.

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Caltex Diesel with Techron® D* is a premium performance diesel suitable for all diesel powered vehicles. Containing an exclusive Techron D additive, its proven cleaning power helps keep fuel injectors clean, protect metal surfaces against corrosion and produces  less foam while filling up.

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