Chevron meets with Bicol Stakeholders during Penafrancia Festival

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Chevron meets with Bicol Stakeholders during Penafrancia Festival

September 18, 2010

EGASPI CITY, Philippines.  September 18, 2009 – Chevron Philippines Incorporated (CPI), proud marketer and owner of the CaltexTM brand of fuels and lubricants, today announced before its key stakeholders in the Bicol Region several major drives to strengthen its presence in the region. 

Speaking before dealers, retailers, local government and religious officials, as well as media, Jim Meynink, CPI Country Chairman, introduced their newest diesel product Caltex Diesel with Techron® D, a new improved diesel which contains the exclusive Techron D additive and the new ad campaign for its popular DELO® lubricants products. 

Caltex Diesel with Techron D is proven to control deposits, helpsmaintain fuel injector cleanliness and supports optimum engine performance.  It is already available nationwide starting August 28. Caltex Diesel with Techron D will retail at the same price as Power Diesel, the product it is replacing, despite the improved formulation with additional product benefits. The pricing reflects Caltex’s response to the current economic climate – to provide more value for our customers’ motoring pesos with more benefits and more savings.

“Businesses are operating in a challenging economic environment now and many hardworking diesel drivers and motorists rely on their vehicles for a living. We believe that the new Caltex Diesel with Techron® D with its proven cleaning power will result in cleaner engines which translate to better performance and hopefully better business for our customers,” said Meynink. 

Meynink also shared details about the latest ad campaign for premium lubricant DELO® entitled “Parts.” The campaign is part of a global branding exercise to position Delo as the premium brand offering exceptional protection for all diesel engine parts and, in turn, provide customers with the confidence they need to run their business successfully. 

The “Parts” campaign will feature a series of ads that will focus on Delo’s Family of Products, Fuel Economy, ISOSYN® Technology and Multigrade products. The ads will introduce characters resembling shiny engine parts to differentiate and help drive the company’s positioning to target users on a functional and emotional level.

 "For transportation professionals, who need to deliver in the face of today's uncertainties, Delo is the only brand of premium commercial lubricants and coolants, which has the proprietary ISOSYN technology that gives them the protection and confidence to be successful," added Meynink. 

The activity dubbed the “Caltex Stakeholders Appreciation Night” also provided an opportunity for CPI to present its community-engagement programs all over the country such the Caltex Mentor Program, a literacy drive among grade 1 and 2 pupils; Project Seahorse an environment conservation campaign to save the unique Danajon Double Barrier Reef System in the Visayas; Good Roots – a skills transfer and nature conservation project in Luzon; and learning-based training programs for out-of-school-youths and children- in-conflict-with-the–law such as Pugad Pandesal in Makati,  Kapatid and Loaves and Fishes in General Santos City, and TOOLS in Davao.

CPI engages with local communities, particularly those that host its facilities such as depots and terminals, throughout the Philippines to improve the health and well-being of the population which will ultimately have a favorable impact on the Philippine economy.  CPI actively partners with its host communities through development programs that focus on basic human needs such as health, education and training, SME development and capacity building, and conservation of the environment.

“We are now looking at replicating some of these programs to benefit the communities in the Bicol region,” says Meynink.