Caltex Re-energizes TARA 4

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Caltex Re-energizes TARA 4

September 24, 2010

SAN PASCUAL, BATANGAS, Philippines, September 24, 2010 – Caltex, one of Asia’s leading brand of fuels and lubricants, announced today that it is sponsoring The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 (TARA4) for the fourth year in a row with an exclusive screening of the show’s first episode, opening of a community library, a TARA night with games and mini-Amazing Race and to be capped by participation in the International Coastal Clean Up (ICC) Day in San Pascual, Batangas. 

TARA4 racers and media boarded a bus from Makati where a screening of  TARA4 was shown. First stop was the inauguration of the San Antonio Community library, established in partnership with  Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer of Caltex, and Ayala Foundation through the Filipinas Heritage Library. The community library will help promote learning and reading especially for individuals without the means or access to mainstream education. 

Next day, the party moved to San Pascual, Batangas’ only coastline, which straddles Chevron Batangas Terminal, and were joined by nearly 400 volunteers for the 25th International Coastal Clean Up (ICC) Day. Chevron’s coastline is a known habitat of turtles  and a butanding was once discovered visiting its wharf  -- testaments to the high environment standards of the facility. This is the 7th participation of Chevron in the ICC as a continuation of its commitment to preserve vital ecosystems and natural habitat in and around its places of business. 

More than 34 million viewers across Asia have tuned in to the first three seasons of the Amazing Race Asia. Season four will feature 10 teams from six Asian nations try to outsmart, out-speed and out-maneuver each other in 11 episodes.  TARA 4, themed “ Ride of a Lifetime,”  highlight values that match the values behind the Caltex brand.  

“The sponsorship is a strategic fit for Caltex, as The Amazing Race Asia is an inspirational series that aligns with Caltex’s brand platform of ‘What Drives You’. The Amazing Race Asia series demonstrates talents, patience, determination, resilience, strength of character and integrity, which are values that are also shared by Caltex and Chevron employees. Chevron Corporation, which owns and markets the Caltex brand, strongly believes in harnessing the sheer power of ‘human energy’, and this sponsorship is a demonstration of that commitment,” said Jim Meynink, Country Chairman, CPI. 

This sponsorship makes Caltex the first and only energy company to be featured prominently in regional entertainment. The Amazing Race Asia is the Asian edition of the 15-time nominated, 8-time Emmy Award winning reality travel competition. Caltex is a proud sponsor of the fourth season, which comprises 10 diverse teams from the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Korea. 

Sponsorship of The Amazing Race Asia enables Caltex to reach out to millions of customers and audiences covering all key markets in the region.  In addition, the signages, promotions and challenges at Caltex stations, and other promotional material will afford Caltex the recall for its regional brands, including Techron®, Havoline®, Delo®, Star Mart and Star Cash.  

“We are excited to support The Amazing Race Asia in ‘Ride of a Lifetime’. We will be tapping on our network of Caltex stations nationwide, as well as our fuel brand Caltex with Techron, and lubricants brand, Havoline and Delo,to excite and garner support for our local team.  We applaud the resilience and determination demonstrated by the participants of the race, and wish them all the very best,” added Meynink. 

Aside from the TARA4 sponsorship launch events, Caltex also plans to host a variety of activities that will allow Filipino fans to demonstrate support for their support for the two Philippine teams competing in TARA4. Filipino teams have been perennial contenders in past TARA editions, and remain one of the favorites to win the top prize this year.