Caltex x foodpanda

Caltex x foodpanda


We know everybody loves rewards. Partnering with B-Infinite, one of Malaysia’s premier customer loyalty card program, we want to reward riders every time they spend with us. The more they fill, the higher the rewards.

This is a first time collaboration between Caltex Malaysia (incorporating the existing B-Infinite loyalty partner platform) and foodpanda. The objective is to increase program and brand awareness amongst foodpanda riders, encourage usage and build loyalty as well as derive the best value for riders via our Caltex Loyalty Reward Program.

What do we offer to foodpanda riders?

  • Value for Money - Increase their Disposable Income & Reduce Expenses
  • Product Fulfilment - Seamless & Convenient experience
  • One Stop Shop – Fuel Purchase as well as other services 

How does it work?

Foodpanda riders will be eligible to earn up to 4X BPoints and be in the running to win awesome prizes when they swipe their Caltex JOURNEY™ card for every petrol purchase made at any Caltex stations nationwide.

This program is set to target all foodpanda motorist in the Peninsular Malaysia.

Valid: 1 May to 31 December 2022