Diesel with Techron® D

The importance of clean

In diesel engines, the fuel injector nozzle could be as narrow as the width of two human hairs. Yet these fuel injectors are usually located inside the combustion chamber – which means they’re exposed to extreme heat, and more vulnerable to deposit formation than in a petrol engine. Deposits hinder the fuel and air mixing process, causing inefficient combustion.

Compatible with all diesel engines

When you choose Caltex with Techron® D, you’re choosing optimal protection from corrosion and foaming for all diesel engines – old and new. All you have left to do is enjoy optimum fuel economy, reliable performance and a smoother drive.

Drive to a Caltex station and experience the cleaning power of Techron® D:

Caltex Diesel (BIO) with Techron® D

Caltex Diesel (BIO) with Techron® D

Caltex Diesel (BIO) with Techron® D is the only B5 product which contains the exclusive Techron D additive to control deposits, help maintain fuel injector cleanliness and support optimum engine performance.