Havoline® Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40

Car Engine Oil

Havoline® Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40

Fully Synthetic

Havoline® Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40 is a multi-grade gasoline engine oil for use inpassenger car and light truck engines requiring low viscosity,ACEA A3/B4 specifications, and strigent OEM requirements for engine protection and performance under severe driving conditions.

Suitable Vehicles
  • Maintains high power and performance.
  • Saves on maintenance costs.


  • Works immediately upon contact with an engine’s moving parts to create a protective coating that shields the engine against the deposits that lead to loss of performance. Provides excellent control of piston and ring deposits under high temperature conditions. Special friction modifiers assist in reducing internal engine friction for maximum fuel economy. 
  • High thermal stability and excellent oxidation resistance provides outstanding protection against in-service oil degradation that contributes to filter blocking and sludge formation in the oil galleries, crank case and valve train.


  • Specially designed for high performance gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars, in particular those of European designs.
  • Suitable for use in naturally aspirated and turbo charged diesel in passenger cars and light trucks where ACEA A3/B4 is required.
  • Naturally aspirated, turbo charged gasoline engines in passenger cars where API SN or earlier API “S” performance categories are specified.
  • Light truck gasoline engines where API SN or earlier API “S” performance categories are specified.

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