About Caltex Havoline® autoPro Workshops

About Caltex Havoline® autoPro Workshops

Here at Caltex, we understand that drivers often want the best for their vehicles. Hence, on top of offering high quality engine oils and other lubricants, we now also have Caltex Havoline® branded outlets that you can maintain your vehicle at.

Our top-of-the-line workshop, Caltex Havoline autoPro, is designed to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.

Our frontline staff are trained to deliver quality service from the moment you drive in, while your vehicle will be in the capable hands of our well-trained mechanics. They are also familiar with the entire Caltex product range, and will be able to provide sound technical advice to address any concerns that you might have.

What’s more, you can also enjoy exciting promotions that are available exclusively at our Caltex Havoline autoPro workshops.

Our consumer offerings


Genuine premium quality products

Customers can be assured of getting genuine Caltex products that are recognised worldwide for our quality, performance and technology. 

Since 1904, the Havoline brand has provided outstanding engine protection for passenger cars and diesel vehicles. While Delo® premium motor oils and coolants are suitable for on- and off-road uses, ranging from sports utility vehicles to trucks and bus, and have been around for more than 80 years.


22-Point comprehensive check

The 22-Point comprehensive check is at the heart of our preventive maintenance programme. The 22 services comprising this maintenance check is performed diligently by trained mechanics to give customers convenience and their peace of mind.

Seasonal offers

Attractive seasonal promotions

Not only would you be able to enjoy quality Caltex products and customer service, you also stand to benefit from our attractive promotions that are available exclusively at our branded workshops.
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Modern, well-equipped facilities

Our Caltex Havoline autoPro workshops will make both you and your vehicle feel at home the moment you enter. Our experienced mechanics will ensure your vehicle is well taken care of, while you enjoy peace of mind.


Locate us in major cities around Malaysia


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Caltex is constantly expanding our branded workshop network across the country. This allows us to meet our goal of delivery quality products and impeccable service to more customers.

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